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Artspace New Haven's City-Wide Open Studios are online this year.   And although many artists are selling items through the Artspace CWOS website and hosting one-on-one studio visits, I am not able to do so as I am currently out of the country.  I will be back in Connecticut before November 3.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from me, or visiting me at my studio in November, please contact me.


Below are the items from my Artspace CWOS viewing room, with details and prices.


Cat Bells

Cat Bells

A porcelain clapper chimes inside each bell.  Hang them on a tree or let them bask in a sunny window.  Bells can be made to order to look somewhat like your cat. Or adopt a cat to match your bell!

Glazed porcelain

Height:  approx. 4” to the top of the ears

Diameter: approximately 2 ¾” at the bottom. Some more round than others!

$25 each

$30 custom made from photographs

NS Flat Back Vase.jpg

Flat-backed Vase

Imprinted with crocheted doilies found at Grandma’s house, these flat-backed vessels can be used up against walls or on narrow shelves as vases, or to hold mail or kitchen utensils.


Glazed stoneware

Width: 8 ¼”

Depth (at center):3 ¼”

Height:6 ¾”



Similar vases with other glazes.

NS Pair of Mugs.jpg

Pair of Mugs

Bright, water etched designs on dishwasher safe mugs.


Glazed stoneware

Diameter (at lip):4 ¼”

Height:4 ¾”


$45 for the pair

NS Small Dish with Handles.jpg

Small Dish with Handles

Small serving dish for hot and cold dishes.Oven and dishwasher safe.


Glazed stoneware

Diameter:5 ¾” (Handles protrude ¾”)

Height:2 ½”



Cylindrical Bowl Niko Scharer

Cylindrical Bowl with Flowers

A light inside reveals the slight transparency of the water etched porcelain.

Porcelain with satin glaze

Diameter: 4 ¾”

Height: 3 ¾”



NS Flower Plate.jpg

Flower Plate

Whimsical flower design created from gloss and satin glazes.

Food and dishwasher safe.


Glazed stoneware

Diameter:10 ¼”




NS Rectangular Dish sq.jpg

Rectangular Plate

Imprinted with heirloom crocheted doilies, supported by shallow feet, these rectangular dishes are food and dishwasher safe.  


Glazed Stoneware


Width:6 ½”




Similar available in smaller & larger sizes.

7.25" x 4.5" ($20)

12" x 7.5"  ($40)

NS Fern cup.jpg

Fern Cup

The clay around the fern fronds has been washed away leaving a gentle texture.


Glazed porcelain

Diameter: 3 ¾” top, 2” bottom

Height: 3 ½”



NS Leaf Bowl.jpg

Leaf Bowl

The overlapping branches create a subtle texture.


Glazed porcelain

Diameter: 5”(at widest point)

Height: 4 ¼ ”



NS Bowl with Three Feet.jpg

Bowl with Three Feet

Rough, unglazed earthenware lined with a pool of glazed stoneware.


Stoneware and earthenware

Diameter:7 ¼”

Height:2 ¼”



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